Ernst Haas’ diaporama

A cracked pane of glass, March 1963, Ernst Haas

Ernst Haas, London festival garden Ostende, 1950

An abstract close-up of patterns formed by layers of torn posters with a depiction of a human eye at the centre, USA, circa 1970, Ernst Haas

Ernst Haas, New York, 1952

Ernst Haas, in America, 1975

A reflection in a window in Greenwich Village, New York City, circa 1970, Ernst Haas

Ernst Haas, New York, 1980

circa 1950, Skyscrapers tower over the traffic in New York City, Ernst haas

Ernst Haas, New Orleans, 1960

Ernst Haas, The Cross, NY, 1966

Ernst Haas, Ballet Dancers, NY, 1968

Ernst Haas, Western Skies Motel, 1978

The New York skyline at sunset, with the Chrysler Building on the left, 1957, Ernst Haas

Marilyn Monroe, Paula Strasberg, The misfits, Ernst Haas

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